Sustraiak Erroak

The association Sustraiak Erroak (Roots) was founded in 1982. The creation stemmed from the desire of those teaching courses in Basque at Pariseko Eskual Etxea to organise themselves and create association with its own identity within the Basque House. The purpose of the association is to promote the development of Basque language and the Paris region. Since then, Sustraiak Erroak provides annual Basque classes at various levels from beginning to "fluent conversation." In 2013-2014, there were six classes offered a week (lasting 1h30 to 2h), with four different levels and a total of around 60 students. Sustraiak also organizes conferences on various topics related to the Basque Country, ikastaldis(with AEK Bayonne), travel to the Basque Country for members (discovery of a region and / or a traditional festival or event), theater and other events in the Basque language