PEER was born from discussions among the singers of Anaiki (John Lissard, Romain Cordelier, Antoine Juanicotena, Dapinxi, etc.) noting the lack of a rugby team at the Maison Basque. They then contacted Jean-Paul Fabas, who was in the management of the Association, and who was open to the idea of creating a rugby team. The first practices (entraino for peeriens) took place at the Porte de Saint Ouen, but PEER soon settled into the Pablo Neruda stadium in Saint-Ouen. The first name of the team was the PET (Euskal Pariseko Taldea - Team Basque house), which then became PEER ("Pariseko Eskual Etxea Rugby"). PEER was born.

The group was first composed of Maison Basque regulars, including both exiled Basques and Paris natives. Many were from Bayonne (or nearby): (Poloch, Marc Irachet, Nicolas Alquié, Bozian, etc.), a few isolated Biarrots (Benedict in particular), and two Landais (Geraldo and Steven). Some left Paris and thus the PEER: Lissar (its first president) and Antoine Fabas (who played little). One of the first games took place during the 50th anniversary of the Maison Basque, when old rowing athletes joined PEER to face a group of former Red Star players, among whom was Peyo Alvarez of the great Bayonne of 1980 .

PEER’s style has changed quite a bit: the team started with very unfulfilling games because the team was made up of too-old but experienced players, young players new to rugby, and a few others in-between. The arrival of many young people in the country helped to homogenize the team. We could finally start to believe in our absurd (and secret) initial goal : to win the H-cup before 30 years of existence! The motto of the team is: My everyone have as much fun playing together as singing afterwards. For the PEER was and should remain a team of singers playing rugby (even if the song is not always orthodox).

PEER today wrote a new page in its history. In 2012-2013 the team won the championship FFSE on its first time trying !! The team renews itself, continues to build, but mostly holds on to its values !! The homogenization of the troops each year works wonders. Whether in Aberdeen, Barcelona, Cork / Galway or Bucarest, the team always grows from the experience. And not to mention the PEER evenings !!!

Finally, a crucial step was taken in 2012-2013: The ladies PEER !! Indeed, the female subsidiary of PEER is a real success, taking into account the drive and joy with which the women play, but mostly from a sporting point of view. Peer babes even rubbed up against the girls from the SBA and they didn’t lose!!