The Association and its organization

Pariseko Eskual Etxea – The Paris Maison Basque – is a non-profit association. The entirety of it’s members are represented at the General Assembly by 80 people, broken up as follows:

  • 40 tenure holders, or founding, life-long members,
  • 16 representatives of partner associations,
  • 16 representatives elected by members for 2 years,
  • 8 representatives of institutions

The Association is administered by a Management Committee composed of 20 members, 18 members elected internally by the General Assembly, and 2 ex officio members: the Chaplain for Paris-region Basques, designated by the diocese of Bayonne, and a representative from the Atlantic Pyrenees Departmental Counsel. Half of the Committee’s members are renewed every 2 years while only the President is elected by the whole of the General Assembly for a 4-year term. It constitutes the board of directors of Pariseko Eskual Etxea/The Maison Basque of Paris and elects the board from its members. In this respect, it manages the Association. It submits the annual budget to the General Assembly and applies it. It determines the use of available funds and reserves, it makes all administrative decisions, takes out loans…

The board assures the daily management of the Association and reports to the Management Committee. The board’s areas of responsibility include:

  • memberships and the register of association members
  • relations with the employee
  • diverse financing (activities, etc.)
  • the provision of space and equipment (authorizations, responsibilities…)
  • the youth center (relations with renters…)
  • the coordination of different activities, events, …
  • help fund the Association newsletter

The committees

They form the essential instruments of the Association’s activities and are provided for in the Statutes and interior regulation. Their mission is advisory and implementational, without involving the Association, and are made up of members of the PEE. They are placed under the authority of a supervisor who is assisted by 2 or 3 people. A committee’s function, in its areas of responsibility is to:

Study questions relative to the proper functioning of the Association,
Propose advised solutions to the Management Committee and to the Board,
Apply decisions taken,
Realize what results were obtained.

The committees in place at PEE are the following:

  • the Infrastructure Committee
  • the Activities, Culture and Sports Committee
  • The Information and Communication Committee
  • the Catering Committee
  • the Logistics Committee
  • the Rental Committee
  • the Prospects Committee

The composition the Management Committee is the following:

  • Sébastien DAGUERRE, president
  • Maryse LARTIGUE, vice-president
  • Elisabeth CASERTA, treasurer
  • Robert CURUTCHET, assistant treasurer
  • Isabelle GARAY, secretary
  • Arnaud LARIDAN, assistant secretary
  • Didier ABBADIE
  • Philippe ELISSEITS
  • Florence GRIPONNE
  • Sam ISMAEL
  • Maitane LARRONDE
  • Philippe LARTIGUE
  • Christophe MAUROU
  • Arlette OCAFRAIN
  • Juan SALAZAR
  • Thierry VERCAMBRE
  • one representative of the diocese of Bayonne
  • one representative of the Atlantic Pyrenees Departmental Counsel