"Lokarria - Committee for the support of the Basque people" is a humanitarian organization founded in 1990. It aims to develop information on the situation in the Basque Country and to express, through concrete actions in the Paris region, its support for the families of Basque political prisoners and for the Basque language and culture. In 1994 Lokarria joined the federated associations of Pariseko Eskual Etxea. The association participates in the activities of the Maison Basque through activities such as "Kantaldi" (Txakun, Erramun Martikorena ...), the "dantzaldi" (Izan, Sakasta ...) debates (Institutional Projects for Iparralde creating Laborantza Ganbara ...), and the Aberri Eguna. In May 1996 Lokarria created Pariseko Herri Urrats, a festival held in Paris echoing the one that gathers, at the same time every year, tens of thousands of people around Lake Saint Pee in the Northern Basque Country. In 1998 Sustraiak-Erroak Association joined Lokarria and more recently Pariseko Eskual Etxea for organization of the Paris festival which takes place over a whole weekend. Other associations Eskual Etxea (Gazteria ...) also take an active part in the organization of Pariseko Herri Urrats (singing, dancing). The benefits of this annual event are donated to the federation Seaska ikastolas the Northern Basque Country. In accordance with the articles of Lokarria, profits made by the association are donated to humanitarian organizations to help prisoners and their families (including the Lagundu association) and Seaska. The Lokarria committee has developed, since its creation, relations with groups involved in the development of Basque culture, Basque economy, as well as Abertzale political parties of all sorts, unions and youth groups, but also with  progressive French associations and organizations representing other minorities. Lokarria gathers Basques living in the Paris region and people from diverse backgrounds who share the same humanitarian concerns. The association has, to date, about twenty members.