Youth residence

Since its creation, the Basque House Paris aims to help young Basque arrivals in Paris, notably by offering cheap social housing.

Currently Pariseko Eskual Etxea / The Maison Basque looks to go even further in this support by offering real assistance to young people who seek to make Paris their home.

The youth residence can now accommodate up to 30 people in its 20 single and 10 double rooms. The common area consists of a fully-equipped kitchen with personal cupboards, a dining room and a lounge with TV. There are two showers and two toilets per group of 5 rooms. Each room is furnished with bed, wardrobe, table, chair and bedside table.

Rooms are allocated according to the Maison Basque’s regulations and the individual’s social criteria. The length of stay is between 1 and 9 months, with the exception of students whose academic term lasts 10 months. This allows as many people to benefit from the rooms as possible by accelerate the rotation of the occupants and by encouraging tenants look for more permanent housing in the city.

It should be noted that the people who live in the Pariseko Eskual Etxea youth home are likely to benefit from personalized housing (APL).

As a guide, here are the prices for the period 2013-2014:

  • Single room: € 375 / month (for 9 months)
  • Double room: 325 € / month (for 9 months)

Applications should be sent to