The Gernika association, made up of about fifty members, addresses activities related to choral singing and dancing. It is the oldest of the choirs hosted at the Maison Basque.
The group was founded in 1932 under the name Errepika ('Chorus') by Paul Legarralde, from Hendaye. From the beginning, it gathered together Basques from the north and the south, anxious spread Basque culture through song and dance. In 1937, Errepika took on the name of Gernika after the bombing of the martyred city.
The mixed choir draws most of its repertoire from Basque polyphonic pieces. Concerts, shows and events take place mainly in the Paris region, but also in the French provinces and sometimes abroad. Gernika also particularly appreciates collaborating with other musical groups.
The choir is currently headed by Laura Etchegoyhen from Chéraute in the province of Soule. On the celebration of its 80 years of existence, Gernika released its first CD, "Lauetan hogoi" recorded during concerts held in Hendaye and in Pasai Donibane in July 2012.
Rehearsals are held every Wednesday from 20:30 to 22:30 at the Paris Maison Basque. Their doors are open to all lovers of song and all those who are Basques at heart, who love our music and our traditions.