Since its creation in 1975, the folk art troupe Gazteria has spread and continued the musical and choreographic traditions of Basque dance. The group started with dances from Basse Navarre, then expanded its repertoire to include all the Basque provinces which they share with the public during all kinds of events: parades, charity fairs, animations, private events, galas, festivals, and above all, onstage live shows.

Over the years, Gazteria has been enriched through their encounters with foreign folk traditions (on tour in Portugal, during the visit of a Polish troup, etc. ...), through contact with various French provinces (Auvergne, Burgundy, Brittany, Lorraine, Normandy, etc. ...), during various annual events in Ile-de-France, and though participation in Basque cultural festivities and sporting events in Paris.

Gazteria has, from the beginning, aimed to share with, inform and introduce audiences to Basque choreography and to symbolisme of these staged dances. Its current group of about 30 members work together weekly at the Maison Basque de Paris.

On the request of many young parents, Gazteria has since 1979 worked hard to promote the awakening and training of new generations by creating a kids section commonly known as 'Pinpirrinak'. Two dozen children, ages 3 and up, meet on Saturday afternoons and take part in performances. Their participation is greatly appreciated by the older members, and the ‘adult’ section is proud to welcome more and more members or this new generation into their midst.

In recent years, Gazteria has been offering adult lessons focused on public square dances (Mutxiko, Fandango, Carnival, etc...), and in the context of a musical awakening, Txistu lessons featuring an ensemble with accordion. After 25 years of existence and almost two years of preparation, 'Ibilaldi bat', a show of dances and songs produced in association with the male choir Anaïki and the musical troupe Pikatxu, played at the Trianon Théatre (Paris) on March 24th and 25th 2001, and at the Bayonne theatre on April 13th 2012, . Its success will remain a great creative adventure in the history of Gazteria.




Mutxikoak (Initiation)

Friday 8pm-9pm


Gehienak (Huit - Neuf)

Friday 9pm-10pm

Inma | Michel

Gazteria (Troupe)

Friday 9pm-11pm


Pinpirinak (kids)

Saturday 3:30pm - 6pm (*)

Isabelle | Béatrice

(*) except during school holidays, lessons scheduled quarterly

  • Mutxikoak – Introduction course: This class is open to all, young and old, who want to learn all the basic Basque party dances, slowly and at their own pace: Mutxiko, Fandango, Arin-arin, Carnival of Lantz… Classes are on Fridays from 8 PM to 9 PM.
  • Gehienak – 8 to 9 section: safe bet when it comes to heritage conservation, members of this section dusted off some choreographic monuments, like a Scottish from Basse Navarre, 'Larraldeko Kadrillak', and the now famous 'Bittoreko Makila'. To watch closely in the coming years…
  • Gazteria - Troupe: this group meets every Friday from 9 PM to 11 PM, or later, to perfect and prepare shows. Hervé, the group’s director, is driven by a strong will to enrich the dance repertoire.
  • Pinpirinak – Children’s section: young children begin in Pinpirinak to learn the basics of Basque dance. There are 2 levels: one for 4-8 year olds, and one for 9-14 year olds. Two dozens of little dancers regularly participate ins shows during the year. Isabelle and Béatrice gently welcome them on Saturday afternoons at 3:30 PM. 
  • Music section: Marie-Christine, Nicolas, Mikel, with their Txistu, guitar, and violin, join us during public performances, Aurreskus, parades, etc.

Each year, in partnership with Paris Eskual Etxea, Gazteria organizes a folk dance festival: Orok Betan.