Euskal Etxeak

The worldwide network of Basque Houses

Munduko Euskal Etxeak

Basque Diaspora is dispersed throughout the world. There are an estimated 4500000 people of direct Basque origin abroad and 15000000 of those with a Basque family name. In the United States, there are about 60000 people of Basque origin. More than 35 Basque-American organizations work daily to maintain and promote Basque identity in the United States and they are brought together by NABO (North American Basque Organization). In Argentina, 10% of the population is Basque, in Uruguay 14% and in Chili 20%.

Organizations called Euskal Etxeak were created in order to maintain living Basque culture far from the Basque Country. There are 190 in existence today throughout the world and bring together over 18000 members. The Diaspora actively promotes its identity in these places through dance, language, song, gastronomy and Basque sports in particular.